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Disaster flu season

Disaster flu season

26 have died so far this flu season

Several cases of the flu have been reported across our region with health professionals across the state alarmed at the number of cases confirmed to date.

10,683 cases have been confirmed across the state with last years figure for the entire season 11,607.

Locals are warned to get the flu shot immediately if they haven't as yet and to stay away from people if you are unwell says Acting Chief Health officer Angie Bone.

Of the 26 people that have died 23 of those having been in aged care facilities and 3 of those children aged 11, 9 and 3.

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We are encouraged to take action to protect ourselves including hand Hygiene, keeping away from people when we are unwell....keeping away from people that are particularly vulnerable - those with respiratory conditions and the young.

Ms Bone says rest, have plenty of fluids, and above all don't go to work or school if sick to protect others, and if you haven't had a flu shot book in now.

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