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Future Sporting Location

  • Future Sporting Location

Discussions for a location of a future Sporting development in Horsham have started.

A Lobby group of passionate Horsham residents got together last year to discuss the location of a future Horsham Sporting development.

Former Horsham Councillor Kevin Dellar said a site near the College, that offered sport and recreation opportunities into the future made sense.

He added that proposed sites at Horsham showground and Horsham North, were inappropriate for the development.

Kevin Dellar a former council member and part of the community advocate, says the site for the proposed development needs to be somewhere it can expand.

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The group is made up of seven people.

Di Bell has been appointed spokesperson. Also making up the group is, former councillors Sue Exell, Kevin Deller and Robin Barber.

It comes after concerns councils preference of a site is too close to a major railway line.