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By Takver (photo) Pollack man34 (crop)

Gang Busters

Gang Busters

By Takver (photo) Pollack man34 (crop)

New gun laws to fight crime

Tough new gun laws which passed state parliament this week will be a game-changer for Victorian police who say the state is “awash” with guns, commentator Sly of the Underworld says.

In his regular spot on Melbourne Radio's 3AW, Sly said a shortlist of targets had already been drawn up by police including hardened criminals, bikies and Middle Eastern gangs.

The new firearms prohibition laws give police the power to slap crooks with a Firearm Prohibition Order, stopping them from owning or buying guns.


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But police will also be able to conduct searches without warrants, a game-changer in Victoria.

“I guarantee the police will be out in force and they will be dropping these things like confetti,” he said.

“Look out for the headlines when the high-profile crooks are targeted.

“Firearms, talking to a policeman yesterday, we are awash with them, every crook is carrying one.”


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