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Extra Police for Horsham

Extra Police for Horsham

5 extra officers on their way

An increased police presence will soon be felt in many busy regional and suburban areas across the state, as Victoria Police continues to recruit, train and deploy more than 3,000 additional officers by April 2022.

Victoria Police announced where 709 additional police officers and 25 Protective Services Officers will be deployed across Victoria over the 12 month period starting in May.

Training at the Academy is already underway with the new officers to be gradually rolled out to police stations and specialist areas by April 2020.

Horsham will receive 5 more officers, four of which will be divisional family violence specialists...and one that will go to the crime unit.

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The Horsham police station is currently in the process of completing renovations to fit the new officers and will being the recruitment process from next month when the positions will be advertised.

The Wimmera has been listed as having one of the highest numbers of domestic violence incidents in Victoria, hence why four of the five officers intended to begin at the Horsham Police station in the next twelve months will specialist in domestic and family violence.

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