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Security involved

Security involved

Western Highway duplication protesters glue hands to railing at parliament

Parliament was halted yesterday afternoon with Western Highway protesters gluing their hands to railing, chanting and draping their banners in the building before they were removed by security.

The group were in the public gallery when the ruckus occurred - causing security to swiftly remove the protestors with one person on the Parliament floor shouting "we should chop her hands off".

Security forcibly removed the group that was chanting "listen to Djab Wurrung" including the woman who had glued her hands to the galleries railing.

Other attendees gasped as the womans glued hands were pulled from the railing and she was ejected with the rest of the group.

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The Western Highway duplication has been stopped since mid last year and last thursday members of a camp at Buangor were handed notices from Major road projects Victoria workers - giving them 14 days to vacate, which sees them having to leave by next thursday the 22nd.

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