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Huge weekend in Horsham

Huge weekend in Horsham

60 Years of Wimmera Rock goes off

The Horsham Town Hall put on her best frock for the weekends 60 years of Wimmera Rock festivities.

A stack of performances were held at the old girl...with Marketing coordinator for the Town Hall Charee Smith hall saying there's a lot of history for the bands performing there "It was really great to see the old girl, all done up again like she was all those years ago, we have that history of great rock concerts in that hall and obviously a lot of fond memories from the bands that played over the last couple of days, so yeh it was great to see the bands and fans enjoying the space".

And on the feedback from punters...

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"A lot of people don't realize is that the venue - the stage hasn't changed but infrastructure wise it has changed a lot for the bands and the crews and feedback wise, its been phenomenal - we are so excited by what people enjoyed, the passion, the bands it was great".

Ms Smith says we have a great live music scene locally but this event was something else "When we come together like this it really does show you how amazing Horsham is at putting on events and it was great to see so many people enjoying the music and having fun and of course we have to acknowledge from the Town Halls perspective we have to say thankyou to Lynton Brown, Malcolm Schier and Dave McMaster for putting it all together and everyone thats been involved and the amazing team at the Town Hall for wanting to deliver more to our community".

Rough Figures from this morning show over two thousand people attended a performance across the three days - not counting the free events with ticket purchases across the weekend. Exact figures will be known in coming days but all in all the 60 years of Wimmera Rock Event certainly rocked.

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